At the Amvensys Foundation, we are dedicated to promoting the empowerment of higher learning while eliminating poverty.  In an age of a fragile economy and heightened risks of poverty and homelessness, the Foundation focuses its funding on education for disadvantaged youths to sustain good lives through good jobs.

Our philanthropic efforts include associate volunteerism and support of educational and poverty-focused initiatives.
How Can I Help?
Donations are always welcome and you can also volunteer to assist with Foundation events, recommend fundraising activities, or suggest organizations or families that could benefit from the Foundation. Click here

Spring 2015 Scholarships
The Amvensys Foundation has awarded its first scholarships to 15 deserving students pursuing four-year degrees at accredited U.S. colleges and universities. The Amvensys Foundation scholarship assists academically accomplished students that embody leadership, drive, and integrity while also struggling with poverty, homelessness, or other challenging financial circumstances. The Amvensys Scholarship awards each student with $2,000 per semester, for up to two semesters, to be applied toward any college related expenses, paid directly to the institution. Numerous applications were received and the selection process was competitive, allowing the selection committee to choose 15 incredible scholars for the program.

For more information on upcoming scholarships please contact info@amvensys.org or call (214) 390-4284 to speak with Adrian M. Hagemann, Program Coordinator.
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